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Date Name   Event
January 17 Michael Fernández   Birthday
January 18 Vanessa Fernández   Birthday
January 29 Julie McKnight   Birthday
February 12 Wanda Frey   Birthday
February 12 Jimmy Frey   Birthday
February 12 Connie Frey   Birthday
February 14 Lisa Frey   Birthday
March 6 Ross McKnight   Birthday
April 26 Kathy Frey   Birthday
May 21 Karla Frey   Birthday
May 31 Emeric Boudreaux   Birthday
June 14 Susan Frey Fernández   Birthday
July 14 Jim Porche   Birthday
July 28 Ivan Fernández    
August 4 Alina Fernández   Birthday
August 4 Grace McKnight   Birthday
August 24 Connie/Jim Porche   Anniversary
August 27 Connie Porche   Birthday
September 28 Lori Ribeiro   Birthday
December 4 Charlie Boudreaux   Birthday
December 23 Louis Frey   Birthday
December 31 James Frey Sr   Birthday
  Dan McKnight