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Has your email changed or you want to add it to the list?  Tell me and I'll be happy to make the necessary changes.
Not all family members are listed - only the ones for which I currently have email addresses.
UPDATE: Email addresses have been removed for privacy against hackers.

Last Name

First Name


Gen 31

Gen 42

Gen 5 Gen 6
Frey Anna Mae  

Baehr Marie      
Baehr Debra  


Gruezke Dianne & Fred        
Frey James, Sr      
Frey Kathy        
Frey James Jr        
Frey Lisa        
Fernández Susan & Ivan  


Fernández Vanessa        
Fernández Alina        
Fernández Michael        
McKnight Julie & Dan        
McKnight Grace        
McKnight Ross        
Frey-Boudreaux Constance        
Boudreaux Emeric        
Boudreaux Charley        
Frey Karla      
Frey Charles  

Frey Cheryl        
Frey Nita & Lou      
Ribeiro Lori & Ruy        
Ribero Isabelle        
Frey Gerard  

Frey Robert      
Frey A.J.  

Frey Joanne        
Frey Lawrence  


1 Gen 3 - Represents the third generation of Freys in the United States.  Andreas would be the first, Louis Andrew the second and starting on this page,  Generation 3 - Andrew, Albert or Severin.

2 Gen 4 - See Family in Glass for more information on the fourth generation.