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Symbolism of the Windows in the Frey Beach House Chapel:

Our Lady of Fatima Chapel

The theme of the revolving sun emitting rays of all colors, as experienced at Fatima, is carried through all the windows. The miracle of the sun was witnessed by 100,000 people on October 13, 1917. The individual distinctions of the nine Frey brothers and sisters are captured in the following symbolism....

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Gerard Andrew and Jerome Marie and Al Anna Mae Charlie and Leonora Jim and Wanda Lou and Nita Bobby and Barbara

Gerard is represented by his Episcopal coat of arms, on which the Frey and DeRose families are symbolized.

  The fleur-de-lis is for the Diocese of Lafayette.

Andrew is represented by the cross of St. Andrew.

Jerome is represented by the Marist coat of arms.

  The priesthood of both is symbolized by the Host and Chalice.

Marie is represented by the lily for the Blessed Mother.

The medical symbol is for her husband Alden.

The four pieces of jeweled glass represents  their four daughters.

Anna Mae is represented by the letter "A" and the helping hand below it.  

The flowers, for her talent for gardening and creation of flower arrangements.

Charles is represented by the "sun" as president of the family business; the chemical symbol, his educational background; and the Army symbol, his military service.  The green cross represents Leonora who's name is derived from Helena.  St. Helena discovered the true cross of Jesus. Green is the color of hope and optimism. The eight light glass jewels are their eight daughters.

James is represented by the Navy symbol of his military service; the staff symbolizes St. James who traveled farthest of all the Apostles to Spain. The traveling bag represents Wanda who was a seasoned traveler. 

The golden jeweled glass is their son and the light jewels, their six daughters.

Louis is represented by the Paratrooper symbol of his military service; the book represents Nita who's profession was teaching and also St. Anne who is traditionally pictured holding the scriptures.  Anita is a derivative of Anne. 

The glowing white jewel represents their daughter.

Robert is represented by the Army symbol of his military service, Barbara by the Tower.   St. Barbara's father had built a tower to protect his beautiful daughter.  It also denotes strength and steadfastness. 

The four golden jewels represent their four sons and the four white jewels, their four girls.

The blue border at the bottom and sides of the glass represent the Gulf of Mexico and the Mississippi River.