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Jefferson Island, LA in 1999...

Bill, Pam, Jim and Uncle Jim at right at Jefferson Island
Christine, Jim, Angelo with Ute' & her husband Bill in the background
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Jim, Lynda, Don and Jackie

Jim, Tim, a cute girl, Steve, Debbie and Larry
Eunice, Ed, Angelo, Jim, Ute', Bill, Troy and Adrea

Rene - that's Denise, Don, Jackie & Unc Jim in the background - Ross & Charley to the left.
Natasha, Stan, Christine

Ute', Lorna and Jim

Grace, Kathy, Ross, Emeric, Charley

Jimmy, Emeric and Connie


Julie and Dan

Grace with Uncle Jimmy

Charley, Connie, Aunt Connie and Mama

Lynda and Tiffany



A Group Talk

Grace, Ross, Emeric, Charley, Jennifer and Ute's Austin and Ryan

Jim and Ute'
(she's always fussing at me)