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Misc. Pictures


Good Shrimp Poboys at Trapani's, Bay St. Louis

Nice bear...  in Napa Valley at Robert Mondavi Vineyards

You mean you can't tell it's a bedroom???
(update - almost finished)

Time to re-fiberglass my arm... as well as the old hot tub.  Of course the pump AND heater died right after.

A little gardening after Hurricane Lili...
lynda_bay_backhouse.jpg (81479 bytes)
Lynda kicking back at the back house in Bay St. Louis...

Peace on earth, dude. Ross and Charley

Fun at Uncle Jimmy's...
(Ah, those were the good ole days)
BSL Summer 2002      

Here's some crawfish boil pictures at the Bay from May.   And...

Jennifer, Uncle John and Mae Frances relax by the pool in Bay St. Louis.

Grace and Julie (aka Mom) hit the waves... uh, ripples.  Anyone with back problems should not try this.

"Mary, The Life Saving Beach Dog" and more dogs below...

...escaping the beach heat.

Emeric feeds Mary some zesty catfish barbs for supper.  

She lived.

Mary poses for Julie as Ross and Charlie drown in the background (those two little dots above Mary's head)  Good subject grouping is always a must.

Uncle Gerard taking all of our nonsense in stride.

The "we're up to no good" twins....

A rare event: Some "sneaux" back at my house after I got back from New Year 2002 at the Bay. 


No BSL this year.

See Trips


I guess no BSL ever.

Hurricane Katrina