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Welcome to the deNux Family Page.  Here are some pictures of Mama's family, including some cousins in Europe.   See Lost Pix  for some circa 1800 photos of more of the deNux side of the family when first arriving in the States.

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Charles Martin (Grandpa) in a classy pose at what I guess would be a celebration of Confirmation .

Emeric and his wife young and in later years... 

Esther Martin deNux (Nana), Charles Martin's daughter at various ages including at Bay with Susan, my big sister.

Alton deNux (Bab) Esther's husband, with Brother and at home by fish pond.

Alton and Esther's  family: Wanda (Mama) and Connie (Aunt C) deNux

These were the innocent years for this bunch! Connie, Jackie, René, Glenda, Wanda
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Ginette's family
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Alton (Bab), Billy, Pierre, Therese (Aunt T), Ginette, Virgie and Girtie
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Another deNux fam group shot...
Lauriane & Zigou - 1971
Lauriane (Ginette's daughter) and Zigou
Therese, Alexia, Emeric, Virgie - 1990
Aunt T (Therese),  , Emeric (Ginette's son), Virgie

Aerial view of Chateau deNux...
Lauriane and Kay at the Bay in 1969
Lauriane and Kathy at the Bay...

Uncle Jim laying very large eggs or sitting on bombs....
Chateau deNux
Chateau deNux, 1994
Chateaux deNux

"La Vieille Riviere" near Marksville.  Henry Dupuy and his children.  I believe that is Emeric in the background, looking at the river.