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These pictures of the Frey Family; James Frey, Sr. and Wanda deNux.  There are more pictures of Dad's Family at the Frey Family  page.  See Lost Pix   for some circa 1800 photos of the deNux side of the family when first arriving in the States.  Also, some of our cousins still live in Europe.  Mama's family, including Ginette and some of her family can be found at the deNux Family  page.

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Jimmy, Kathy, Karla, Lisa, Julie, Connie, Susan
The family when we were young and innocent.  Well, OK....  young. [1964]

Sue's wedding.  Kay, Grandma deNux (Nana), Jimmy, Julie, Sue, Connie, Karla, Lisa, Grandpa deNux (Bab), Mama

I think this is maybe 1999...
Lisa, Susan, Mama, Jimmy, Julie, Connie
Wait a minute!  Where did mother's eye-glasses go?!
Jimmy and Susan
Susan, the oldest, and her favorite [youngest] brother! [Feb. 1998]

An old picture in Puerto Rico.  Julie, Unc Lou, Susan, Lori, Ivan with baby Alina, Vanessa, Dad, Nita

Jim and Lynda at Mama's, 1998 or 1999
!dad carib.jpg (3129 bytes)
Dad in San Juan. This was while on a cruise with Lou, Nita, Lori and Jimmy - visiting Susan in Puerto Rico.
Connie and Jimmy
Connie and Jimmy at Mama's
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Connie (#7), Kathy (#2), Julie (#3) - I think this is around 1996 or 1997

Kay and Connie on Connie's birthday in 1994.

Mama and girls at the Bay with Grandma Frey

Dad; one of the founding members of the Louisiana Wildlife and Fisheries Commission
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1963 - "Dad!  Wuddaya mean POSE!?" Top: Kathy, Jimmy, Julie - Bottom: Karla, Susan, Connie, Lisa
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1963 - Top: Kathy, Susan - Middle: Dad, Mama - Bottom: Lisa,  Jimmy, Connie, Karla, Julie

Julie and Connie hit the beach and do that "mushy-goo-goo" sister thing! 

Jimmy and Lisa visiting at Mama's, 1999

Rock and Roll
This is 'ole
In Cypremort Point SP, I belive...
!julie_connie_pier96.jpg (5748 bytes)
Julie and Connie in 1996 with the catch of the day (see fish in Julie's right hand...)

Michael (Susan's youngest) and Aunt Karla back in the 80's...

Group shot in May of 2000 at Mama's house.
!freykids3c.jpg (9316 bytes)
Top: Karla, Connie, Jimmy - Bottom: Lisa, Kathy, Mama, Vanessa, Susan, Alina

Julie, Connie, Strange Dan and Mary Ann - Bay, 1/1/2000

Connie and Jimmy's last  toast to Y2K on New Years at the Bay

Charlie, Ross, Jennifer and Grace - Bay, Y2K

Kathy, Jimmy, Lisa - 1984