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Fishing Trip 2000 - Ross and Dan

Fishing Trip 2000 - The man, Ivan....

Fishing Trip 2000 - Tour Guide, Uncle Jim

Susan and Jimmy at Aunt Connie and Uncle Jim's for her 70th Birthday, 1999.

Aunt C's Birthday - Card reading time - here's Julie and Aunt Connie.

Aunt C's Birthday - Sue's husband, Ivan enjoying himself even if it kills him.
Now that I think about, I think it almost did....

Aunt C's Birthday - I just love getting shots with Aunt C's mouth wide open....

Aunt C's Birthday - Here's a sneak shot of Sue - she kept putting her hand in front of her face!

Aunt C's Birthday - Kids take a pool break to light the candles...

Dig in.... now for the really important part of Aunt C's birthday celebration.
!ttg98_group1.jpg (7023 bytes)
Thanksgiving 1998 - Tiffany, Grace, Vanessa, Connie, Alina and Emeric
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Thanksgiving 1998 - Grace, Vanessa, Julie and Alina
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Aunt Kathy and Emeric - good picture!
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Thanksgiving 1998 - Connie, Jimmy, Alina and Vanessa
ttg98_groupdan.jpg (7099 bytes)
Time to relax...

This one comes with bonus points...! 
(Thanksgiving 2001)

Peace on earth, dude.

THAT DAN!!!!  He gets things done!

Emeric and Grace. "Em isn't looking!  I think I can grab that $100 bill now!"

Grace and Charley

Santa finally gets gift, cheeks blow up, freaks out and chokes on tongue.

Aunt Connie, Nana, Mama on Christmas Day, 1989
Nana would be so upset with her grandson to the left!